GMP Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


What is 'Mono-block' demountable CRP?
The word âmono-blockâ itself describes the panel system meaning the panel (mono meaning one piece) is installed as a singular unit & is also able to be dismantled as a mono piece.

What is the Non Progressive and Progressive partition system?
Where in each panel can be demounted/ dismantled individually or can be dismantled or demounted at a given point/ predetermined area as per the uses choice.

What are the types of infill materials used in partition system?
The infill material used within the GMP paneling system is mainly a high density mineral wool or Bee core / honeycomb. These are used with the purpose of giving a high rigidity and flatness to the panel and allowing it to have the properties of a fire resistant structure.

Why Clean room partitions are preferable instead of traditional masonry plaster work?
Maintainability of cleanliness is the sole purpose of the Clean Room. The surface finish of the GMP panels do not allow any shedding of particles and the smooth surface is not allow any foreign growth. Whereas the traditional masonry walls require a high degree of maintenance to control the required particle count within a given area.

What are the advantage of metal powder coated/ SS clean room partition?
The smooth monolithic finish of a powder coated surface/ stainless steel surface provide a non particle shedding base.

Are finishes of clean rooms are long lasting?
Yes if maintained within a simple prescribed format you can achieve life span of the product for over a decade.

What is the self supported load bearing ceiling?
The unique design enables the structure to stand-free of any support (box within a box) from the existing building/ structure.

What is fire rating?
'Fire rated' can refer to a product's reaction to fire performance e.g. class 1 or class 0; or it can relate to fire resistance e.g. 30 minutes, 2 hours etc.

What is fire rated doors?
A fire rating is the given time to the door assembly based on the time it has held back the fire without being breached.

Why coving is required in clean room?
Coving is used for the ease of cleaning of edges and corners within in the Clean Room area.

What are the standards of manufacturing & tolerances used by GMP?
GMP follows the BS, EN and ASTM standards for the mention criteriaâs

  • Conformance to Fire Regulations (Resistance)
  • Sound Insulation
  • Crowd Pressure (Impact Resistance)
  • Sound Insulation
  • Paint Adhesion
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Design Appraisal for LBS Roof

What are the production capacity of GMP for partitioning and doors?

The installed capacity of the plant allows an average production of

  • â600sq. mtrs per day (within a 10 hrs. working shift)

  • -50 Double doors (within a 10 hrs. working shift)
    -75 Single doors (within a 10 hrs. working shift)